Kasich’s dead, Cruz gathering more hatred from GOP establishment, and…

And, it seems more and more significant republican players are jumping behind Trump. This reminds me a bit of the 1980 GOP primary.

Jon Huntsman, the former governor of Utah stated: “And it’s been clear almost from the beginning that Donald Trump has the ability to assemble a nontraditional bloc of supporters. … The ability to cut across traditional party boundaries — like ’80, ’92 and 2008 — will be key, and Trump is much better positioned to achieve that.”

And you have RNC committeeman Ron Kaufman.

“Clearly, Trump has seized momentum in a huge way,” said Kaufman, a close ally of Mitt Romney who supported Jeb Bush’s candidacy this year. “As he goes through the process here in Indiana, it appears more and more likely that Trump will be able to have 1,237 [delegates] before we descend on Cleveland.”

The newfound Trump republican allies are also now calling for Cruz to dump any idea of a contested convention.

“It’d hurt the very party that they want to represent,” Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) told POLITICO on Friday. “That’s not good and that’s why I believe that the establishment and people in Washington should say this is over. Donald Trump is clearly, clearly who the people want.”

Cruz has big issues with the latest GOP hatred eeking out of D.C., including John Boehner and rep Pete King, to name the latest. Oh, and there’s that nasty Mitch McConnell et. al. thing.

Add to this Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s wishy-washy statement regarding Cruz. Pence never endorsed Cruz, he simply said he would vote for him, never adding that others should follow his lead. And then Pence commended Trump for giving “a voice to the frustration” with Washington and for taking “a strong stand for Hoosier jobs.”


Yes, this will embolden the far right wing social conservatives, in spite of the fact that Pence screwed them on RFRA. But they already plan on voting for Ted. But it will also stiffen the resolve of Trump supporters and, may sway fence riding moderates to vote for Trump.

Kasich? Fuggedaboutit.

John Kasich crapped in his supporters proverbial nest

Via Politico.

“I put my name on the line for someone, and then the rug kind of got pulled,” said State Sen. Jim Merritt, who after serving on Kasich’s Indiana leadership team will now not publicly support anyone. “My name’s on a headline with another candidate, and then all of a sudden there’s some agreement that has not really been explained to me…it tends to disappoint.”

Makes me wonder how one of my liberal leaning delegates, Kyle Babcock feels.

“Though several Kasich backers said they understood the strategic value of boosting Cruz in Indiana, they still intend to vote for Kasich and won’t actively encourage Kasich backers to vote for the Texas senator, whose hardline style and vocal social conservatism are hard for many moderates to swallow.”

Oh, the hard right won’t like that.

“If Kasich and Cruz split the anti-Trump vote, the mogul stands to win the lion’s share of Indiana’s delegates because of the way the state rewards a plurality winner.”

Ass I stated two days ago, it’s backfiring.

Have fun!

Kip Tom, Big Ass Establishment Guy

I’ve commented on some of this in the past on FB. But, a dear friend went one step further in a comment, and I think it’s noteworthy to post as an article.

By Bob G.

kip_liberalBack in 2013, Kip Tom related a conversation he had with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack:

[You’ll find] “this to be true with most of the new farmers: We don’t like to be subsidized,” he says. “I had this conversation with the secretary of agriculture about two weeks ago.”  . . . “He said, ‘What can we do for you, Kip?’ And I said ‘You need to get the hell out of our way. Let private industry do what it does best: conduct business.’”

Sounds great but Tom Farms is not run that way. According to the EWG Farm Subsidy Database – since the Direct Payments to Farmers Program began in 1996 and until  it ended in 2014 – Tom Farms (and all names associated with the LLC at its Leesburg address) has been paid $5,052,304 which averages out to be more than $266,000 per year. To put this in perspective the Congressman who has received the most direct payments was Rep. Stephen Fincher, R-Tenn. and his wife, who pocketed $3,528,295.

That, of course, does not count taxpayer subsidies for crop insurance losses, nor does it account for the 50% premium paid by USDA for “no risk” crop insurance premiums. Bruce Babcock tells us that “You have to remember that federal crop insurance is not an insurance program; it is a welfare program for farmers. It is a way of delivering money to farmers. It is not insurance.”

There are no precise stats available but Tom Farms 16,000 (mostly Kosiusko) acres, likely took in over three million additional dollars for crop loss claims over ten years and premium subsidies for insurance had to have been at least $5-$10 million more over 20 years.

Funny thing is that Tom could have won the election handily by putting what he said earlier, “ending farm subsidies,” at the top of his list of changes that he would champion – but he does not do so, But why do so when Big Agriculture is pumping big money into the Tom campaign – as is Bill Oesterle, ex-President of Angie’s List, who opposed the Indiana Religious Freedom Law.

Brian Howey has always been wrong

And still is. He came out today placing Toad Young ahead of Marlin Stutzman today in what he calls a poll, and, I call bullshit. I’ll have more in depth details tomorrow.

Circa May 2012 via Gary Welsh.

A poll taken on behalf of a political action committee backing Sen. Richard Lugar’s re-election shows Lugar leading Richard Mourdock by two points, 44-42%, with 14% still undecided. The poll was conducted by Magellan Strategies for Lunch Pail Republicans and surveyed 400 Republicans. A Wenzel Strategies survey taken for Citizens United, a pro-Mourdock PAC, showed Lugar trailing by 5 percentage points. A recent internal Mourdock poll showed Mourdock leading Lugar by one percentage point. The Lugar campaign has criticized both of those poll results, but it refuses to release its own internal poll numbers.

Brian Howey of Howey Politics, an unabashed Lugar backer, blasted the media for giving credence to the Wenzel Strategies poll, which he called “extremely questionable.” Howey suggested that the poll was nothing more than a push poll designed to shift momentum late in the campaign towards Mourdock. Howey, who has been responsible during the campaign for manufacturing the most outrageous and inaccurate allegations against Mourdock under the guise of journalism and which have been conveniently used by the Lugar campaign in attack ads, complained that the media had been caught up in “a scheme” by pro-Mourdock forces that should be “a source of embarrassment.”

Howey claims that partisan polls exaggerate their own candidate’s strength by at least 6% and should be discounted accordingly. If that is the case, then Lugar is trailing Mourdock if a pro-Lugar poll shows Lugar leading by only 2%. Howey says that the only credible poll is one he commissioned in conjunction with DePauw that is conducted by Chris Matthews and Fred Yang, which will be released on Friday. Howey’s comments, however, have the effect of discrediting his own poll by suggesting in advance of its release that any poll that would show Mourdock leading is not reliable.

Lugar lost, eh? LMAO

Kasich, Cruz Collusion already Backfiring

Last yesterday, it was announced that the Kasich, (who’s mathematically dead), and Cruz campaigns are colluding against Trump to tip the scales in Indiana to Cruz, and weaken his chances in other late primary states.


Based on what I’ve read on quite a few MSM FB page comments, it’s having the opposite effect, and serving as a new rallying point for Trump supporters.

Poking a hornet's nest

Bathroom rights from a liberal attorney’s perspective 

I’m not certain why, but it seems that most of my attorney friends are progressive liberals. There are noted exceptions, but no need to call them out, you know who you are.

One such lawyer was a very good friend for quite a long time, and we had never discussed politics while having an after-work glass of wine together on Friday nights. Then, we became Facebook friends, and his evil progressive side jumped out, akin to “Jekyll and Hyde,” sans the murdering. He spent countless hours, often into the wee hours of the morning attacking my conservative friends. Many questioned me, wondering why I didn’t unfriend him. I found his arguments so thick with hypocrisy, lies and well, bullshit, to me, he had became my Facebook jester. So, I kept him around for shits and giggles.

just an asshole

He had his final meltdown a couple of months ago, after being berated and proven wrong on a number of points by about a dozen of my facebook friends. He unfriended me.

Somehow, right about that time, I must have somehow offended my longtime friend Mark Souder’s sensibilities, as he too, unfriend me.

Back to the reason for this post. Yesterday, another liberal lawyer friend posted this, in light of recent legislation to allow any man, repeat, any man to say, “I am woman, hear me piss,” in a woman’s restroom.


I’d post the 28 comments, and his name, but I’d rather people just dig and find it on their own. More fun.

BTW, he granted permission to use this.

Like a dog sniffing butts


From several sources, I’ve stumbled upon a unique campaign strategy. It seems that Kip Tom has been on an ass sniffing tour of various courthouses in the third district. He shows up uninvited, without a scheduled meeting with an elected official.

He just roams the corridors, glad handing along the way, and sticking his nose in various doors.

One can only imagine him cruising down the hallways, checking the officials or office department name on the door, only to influence his decision to enter. I can see him moving on to a juicer door down the hall, if say, it’s parking enforcement, or the child support division.

The elusive search for good ol’ boy establishment types must be a hard row to hoe, (get it? LMAO).

He’d be better off taking a clue from Mr. Banks, and doing this. (Read: Meet your constituents).

banks team

No swinging dicks allowed

That’s my feelings on the issue.

Do I really need to post all the incidents here about assholes that feel they identify as a woman, and then either exposed themselves, harassed or even assaulted or molested a female in the restroom? No. Google it.

The story. The tweet.


ESPN fired MLB pitcher Curt Schilling Wednesday evening after the legendary athlete posted a controversial meme about the “basic functionality of mens and womens restrooms” on Facebook.

After reviewing the issue, ESPN released a statement saying they have terminated Schilling, noting that they are “an inclusive company.”


“A man is a man no matter what they call themselves, Schilling said, according to NBC Sports. “I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with, men’s room was designed for the penis, women’s not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic.”

I agree.

Source: The Blaze

Establishment RINOs dump close to $1 Million on Young’s campaign

Mitch McConnell is at it again, trying to save one of his boys. It’s all pretty simple. Two polls, one internal and the second by a PAC, conducted in mid-March and early April respectively, show Young tanking against Stutzman. So, here they come to the rescue.

mitchmcIt also explains why Cam savage has gone full out Ghetto with his approach for Young’s campaign. Ditto for his shit slinging at Jim Banks, with the Kip Tom campaign.

Outside groups with ties to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have upped their investment in Indiana’s Senate race to nearly $1 million.

The latest spending – $515,000 – by a super PAC created to help Republicans keep control of the Senate is paying for ads criticizing GOP Rep. Marlin Stutzman.

The Senate Leadership Fund previously spent $230,000 on ads backing Stutzman’s GOP rival in the May 3 primary, Rep. Todd Young.

The Senate Leadership Fund’s executive director is Steven Law, former chief of staff to McConnell, R-Ky. Law is also the president of One Nation, a group that spent $250,000 on television ads praising Young’s record on national security.

That brings total spending by the two groups to $995,000.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending its own $1 million on ads supporting Young.

Source USA Today